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Injury Insurance for CYCLISTS

You can rest assured knowing Spot has your back whenever you're on two wheels.

Get Spot For $40/year

Spot covers up to $25,000 of medical expenses if you are suddenly injured on the bike in the US, and US territories. Be it training, touring, commuting, e-biking, etc., on or off-road, you are covered with absolutely no deductible, per accident. Your plan works whether you have health insurance or not, and with any existing insurance plans you may have. Heads up! The only racing included in this coverage is that sanctioned by USA Cycling.


Get hurt

If you have a crash, focus on your injury first and get the treatment you need. Go to any licensed physician, hospital, ER, or urgent care clinic that is convenient to you. Whatever your physician recommends as treatment should be covered, whether that’s diagnostic tests, scans, surgery, specialist visits, prescriptions, procedures, hospital stays, ambulance or air ambulance rides, physical therapy, and more.

Get paid

Filing a claim with Spot is simple, really. It’s just a matter of taking pictures of your bill(s), explaining how you got injured, and providing a few other details. Once you file a claim, you will be given a personal claims representative who will work with you to determine the best plan for your medical and financial situation.


Purchase Spot Here

USA Cycling is the policyholder for Accident Insurance that covers all enrolled members of USA Cycling’s voluntary program participating in bicycle (including e-bikes up to 750 watts) related activities, including but not limited to: commuting, group rides, training, gran fondos as well as participating in activities sponsored or supervised by USA Cycling for whom premium has been paid. Coverage is in excess of any existing insurance policy, including those offered by USA Cycling. Coverage does not apply to other sponsored races.

Coverage is subject to the terms conditions and exclusions of the policy. Coverage is underwritten and claims are serviced by Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company. Digital and customer experience is serviced by Spot.

Not an USA Cycling member? Click here to join today, and then purchase Spot.

Spot policy for 1 year



Accidental Medical Expense


For accidental death or

One time payment for coverage for 1 year
*Price includes admin fees. This coverage is comprised of 2 policies. You will see 2 charges totaling $40 and receive 2 confirmation emails from Spot.



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What's Covered? Covered: Broken bone, stitches, surgeries, concussion. Not Covered: Shin splints, dehydration, illness,
						injuries before Spot. What's Covered? Covered: Broken bone, stitches, surgeries, concussion. Not Covered: Shin splints, dehydration, illness,
						injuries before Spot.

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